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“Back-Door” Bakery was uniquely formulated in a concept of a Thai bakery and a part of the famous Thai restaurant – NITHAN THAI in Tel-Aviv.

The concept of the bakery was conceived with the purpose of placing the baker as an craftsman.

The baker kneads, rolls, flattens, cuts, spreads and creates in raw material with life and body just as any other form of artist. This is where the concept of designing the place as an “atelier” was originated. It enables the artist to enjoy the research and freedom of creativity and at the same time allows the viewer the enjoyment of watching his fascination with the artistic process.

The ceiling is constructed by a reflective prism-geometry element. One side of the prism is covered by stainless steel in order to reflect the light coming in, making the shop brighter and creating the sensation of a higher and more aired ceiling, and on the other side – a natural green veneer that compliments the space.

In the mornings the central table made of teak wood is filled with Thai infused baked products and serves as a service and selling area, and in the evenings it becomes an elegant table which is part of exclusive events and the whole bakery transforms into a VIP room.


Lighting designer: Studio Twilight 

Photography: Gidon Levin

Branding: Noa Shavit

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