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Asian dinner

Nooch is an Asian oriented restaurant is a family neighborhood. 

The client wanted a more sizzling young atmosphere for the place, and so we had to demolish everything and build an intimate bar to attract a younger crowd. 

Also, in order not to lose family oriented crowds, we used natural materials such as oak wood, terrazzo floors, stone wall coverings, mellow lighting and different kinds of plants in order to create a warm and inviting design to the space.

We love to implement common materials in a non-traditional manner. You can see an example of that with the serving plate chandelier that is almost a 5.5 foot diameter hovering above the bar like a glass cloud, with dim light breaking over the glass drops of the plates.

Also, we took a simple oak veneer and customized a light fixture in the porch sitting area.

The screen that divides the two areas is inspired by the Chinese 'Abacus'. We made a life-size screen, made with wood blocks carved into the special shape presented in the close-up pictures.

The space is diverse and changes by day and by night to fit the atmosphere that is wanted.

Photography: Gidon Levin

Branding: Hila Amram

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