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When we first saw the grand space we couldn't ignore its height and incredible view.

We decided the best way to tackle it would be to focus on a few elements to fit its proportions. 

We chose a minimalist design concept so that the view remained the main focal point. 

Black furniture and lighting fixtures contrast with the white kitchen. 

The living space was kept soft with several textiles: a mint green velvet couch, a vintage private collection carpet, and a custom-made entertainment center and coffee table fit the size and ambiance of the living room. 

The heart of the living room is an entertainment center made of brass colored metal profile and aluminum net, which gives the space it’s industrial and approachable feel. 

The dining room lighting fixtures are made of thin metal wires, making them almost see-through in order to avoid disturbing the views. 

A walk-in closet constructed from thin metal profiles and industrial glass, elegantly matching the bed-room and serving as its main focal point. 

We chose to use a large colored metal framework in order to create an anchor to the bright white open space of the living area. 

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