Asian restaurant

An Asian food chain based in Israel.

This was a working restaurant in the hustling business area of north Tel Aviv. We had to adapt our design into an already built space while creating a new concept.

The takeaway area was right in front of the main entrance, it had to be concealed.

We created a flexible screen made of faux patterned leather that is held on an iron railing system.

The screen`s inspiration came from Chinese holiday flags floating in the wind.

Each strip can move along the railing system creating a dynamic screen that can be opened or closed whenever needed.

In the entrance of the restaurant you meet a 3D tiled wall guiding you inside. The tiles are made out of different kinds of clay all around the country; this is what gives them the earthy natural color and texture.

We kept a natural warm color scheme around most of the spaces with a few elements that pop out colored in a strong blue hue.

Photography: Gidon Levin

Branding: cookoo studio

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